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The story of development of this model is pretty short. I’ve began the work on the model nearly parallel to my work on the Enterprise NX-01. In some way it was logical, because the design of the NX-01 was created very similar to the design of the Akira class starship, which appeared several times in the TNG timeline. So I had to make little modifications to give the model the shape of the Akira class.

Prototype and first version

I have turned over the model, and then I’ve redesigned the warp nacelles and gave a bow to the saucer section. The prototype was already good enough to be the first version, which I want to show you

The design of the nacelles allowed the usage of color change


The enterprise NX-01 is a model which to develop I have hesitated for long time. I was extremely unsure about how to approach the development of the model to get the shape of the ship almost exactly. So over a year I delayed the start of work. And perhaps I would do it by now if I were not met the message that another Origami artist Shu Sugamata, who’s work have inspired me early, started developing of the NX-01. As I saw his prototype, I have understood, that the exactly capture of the shape is not really necessary.

Enterprise NX-01 Prototype by Shu Sugamata

Somtime it is enogh to capture the genaral feeling of the shape. This knowledge took my doubts away, so I could start the work on my own version.

This prototype is made also from a bird frog mix as base figure. I’ve used this bas mix already in the pas for my version of the Constellation class, but first Shu Sugamata work showed me the great potential in this figure.

The first prototype was quickly accomplished

Enterprise NX-01, Prototyp

And after some little modifications was a version created that I would be proud to show you