2 comments on “Batle Cruiser

  1. Hello.
    It’s good you keep that policy.
    The “Glue or Tape” are not necessarily to use.
    You can finish it without glue in some way.
    If I want finish them up the shape just like plastic models,they are effective methods I think.
    I had built 1.3m long Stardestroyer 33 years ago, I had used many many tapes and glues with her. That was so fun.
    Keep going on. I’m looking forward to you.

    • Thank You for your attention.
      Most of my figures I develop and build from small pieces of paper like sales slip from cafeteria or postit. With this tiny size I realy do not need glue.
      Somtimes on modles, which do not want to keep in form, because more than four layers are to thick for such tyni creases I use natural glue that is already integrated in paper. I mean wet-folding. But this due to the lack of experience is still in experimental state.
      the biggest size of paper I ever used was square from A3 form which I’ve build the romulan Warbird.

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